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Dance To Connect
Did you know dancing stimulates dopamine? Dopamine is involved in many pathways in the brain, playing an important role in movement, sleep, learning, and mood. Dancing also improves your memory, figure, confidence, posture, social life, flexibility, coordination, stamina, spatial awareness, cardiovascular, and overall health? Dancing makes you feel good because it makes you feel so ALIVE!  My in home studio offers group classes and private lessons. I work passionately with many newly engaged couples preparing them for their wedding dance.  I specialize in West Coast Swing! I also teach Nightclub Two Step, Country, American Style Ballroom,  Salsa, and line dances.  I also lead the ballroom and swing program for PLU.

Hurting To Healing
 Do you lack confidence, feel insecure, or have self worth issues? Are you feeling invisible, unworthy, and frustrated living in a perpetual cycle of self-defeating behaviors?  Your not crazy nor is it your fault!  These patterns were formed early on in childhood.  They served us well as helpless children. However they no longer serve us as we transition from victim to survivor. We must release what no longer serve us. Finding your patterns are your first step off the rollercoaster. I am finely tuned at finding unhealthy patterns created from childhood traumas. I guide you to break free from your old faulty programming and rewire a new healthy template.  I guide you to implement better boundaries in order to ward off toxic unhealthy abusive people. If you are ready to be the heroine or hero of your story please allow me to guide you on a journey that will help you reclaim your true self and the fulfilling life you deserved all along! Its waiting for you. Private coaching available. I am so excited to guide you on your journey to self-love, care, and compassion.